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RadTimeBar Events

The RadTimeBar type exposes the following members.

Public eventActualSelectionChanged
Occurs when the ActualSelectionStart or the ActualSelectionEnd change.
Public eventActualVisiblePeriodRangeChanged
Occurs when the actual visible period range changes.
(Inherited from TimeBarBase.)
Public eventGroupIntervalChanged
Occurs when the CurrentGroupInterval changes.
(Inherited from TimeBarBase.)
Public eventHoveredPeriodChanged
Occurs when the HoveredPeriod changes.
Public eventItemIntervalChanged
Occurs when the CurrentItemInterval changes.
(Inherited from TimeBarBase.)
Public eventSelectionChanged
Occurs when the Selection changes.
Public eventVisiblePeriodChanged
Occurs when the VisiblePeriodStart or the VisiblePeriodEnd change.
(Inherited from TimeBarBase.)
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