Visual Structure

The following topic describes all visual elements and terms used in a standard RadDataGrid control.

Data Grid Visual Structure


  • ColumnHeader: See how to set the Style of a ColumnHeader.
  • SortingDirectionGlyph: This element displays the sort direction of the column elements if sorting is enabled. When clicked, it toggles between the column sorting options - accending/decsending/none.
  • Filtering UI: Provides UI for applying filters to the grid rows depending on the data in the corresponding column.
  • GroupHeader: See how to change the Style of a GroupHeader.
  • Grouping UI:Provides UI for creating groups of grid items (rows). The items are grouped by the property in the specified column. Items can be grouped by more than one property.
  • Expand/CollapseGroupButton: Expands or collapses the elements in a group. When collapsed, only the group header is displayed.
  • Editing UI: Provides UI for editing the content of the grid cells.
  • Selection UI: Provides UI for selecting grid items (rows).
  • Hover UI: Provides UI for hovering grid items (rows).
  • GridLine: Represents a single item from the grid ItemsSource.
  • GridCell: Represents a property of a grid item. See how to change the Style of a GridCell content.
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