Localization Keys

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To localize strings in RadDataGrid you need to use the GridLocalizationManager class.

Localization Keys for RadDataGrid

Localization Key Default Value Relates to
And And Filtering UI
Cancel Cancel  
CaseSensitiveMode Case-sensitive mode is Filtering UI
ClearFilter Clear filter Filtering UI
ColumnChooserHeader ALL COLUMNS  
Contains Contains Filtering UI
DataOperationsButtonFilter Filter  
DataOperationsButtonGroup Group by  
DataOperationsButtonSort Sort  
DataOperationsButtonUngroup Ungroup by  
DoesNotContain Does not contain Filtering UI
DoesNotEqualTo Is not equal to Filtering UI
DragToGroup Drag a column header here to group Grouping UI
EndsWith Ends with Filtering UI
EqualsTo Is equal to Filtering UI
FilterButton Apply Filtering UI
FilterHeader FILTER Filtering UI
IsFalse is false Filtering UI
IsGreaterThan Is greater than Filtering UI
IsGreaterThanOrEqualTo Is greater than or equal to Filtering UI
IsLessThan Is less than Filtering UI
IsLessThanOrEqualTo Is less than or equal to Filtering UI
IsTrue is true Filtering UI
LoadMoreRows load more rows  
Off off  
On on  
Or Or Filtering UI
Save Save  
StartsWith Starts with Filtering UI

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