The RadBusyIndicator control allows you to display an animation which indicates that your application is busy waiting for an asynchronous operation to finish. The control comes with a bunch of predefined animations that can be easily set. You can define your own animations and use them with the RadBusyIndicator control.

You can use the following properties to fine-tune the behavior of RadBusyIndicator:

  • Content: Defines the content that is displayed next to the animation. This content may give useful information about the process being indicated by the control.
  • ContentTemplate: Defines the template used to represent the content defined in the Content property.
  • ContentPosition: Accepts values from the ContentPosition enum which defines the position of the content relative to the indicator animation.
  • IsActive: Defines whether the RadBusyIndicator control displays an animation or not.
  • AnimationStyle: Gets or sets a value defined by the AnimationStyle enumeration that determines the type of animation shown in the RadBusyIndicator.
  • IndicatorAnimationStyle: Accepts a Style instance which defines the actual indicator animation. Can be used to define a custom indicator animation. For more information on this property take a look at the Custom animations topic.

In order to use RadBusyIndicator for Universal Windows Platform, the following references are required:

  • Telerik.Core.dll
  • Telerik.UI.Xaml.Primitives.dll

Then, the following namespace has to be declared:


Here is how RadRating is declared in XAML:

<telerikPrimitives:RadBusyIndicator IsActive="True" x:Name="indicator"/>
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