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RadGridView Verify Data in a Specific Column

I need to find the correct column of a GridView based on something other than index, such as text content or a data driven variable.


Here is how to accomplish this against a Telerik demo site. First you need to retrieve all the Header Row Cells from the Grid and iterate through each one looking for a specific string. Each time it isn't found, the integer idx is increased by one. Once a match is made, idx will equal the index of the target column. Then you can use that integer to identify the column later:

int verticalOffset = 0; // Holds the current vertical offset in the viewport 
int viewPortHeight; // The height of the visible part of the grid 
int extentHeight; // The total height of the grid, visible plus non-visible 
// Copy the RadGridView into a local variable as a shortcut 
RadGridView grid = Pages.TelerikGridViewFor1.SilverlightApp.RadGridView1Radgridview; 
// Grab the VirtualizingPanel contained in the RadGridView. This is used to control the viewable portion of the grid. 
FrameworkElement VirtualizingPanel = grid.Find.ByType("GridViewVirtualizingPanel"); 
// Detect the view port height and the extent height 
viewPortHeight = (int)VirtualizingPanel.GetProperty(new AutomationProperty("ViewportHeight", typeof(int))); 
extentHeight = (int)VirtualizingPanel.GetProperty(new AutomationProperty("ExtentHeight", typeof(int))); 
VirtualizingPanel.InvokeMethod("SetVerticalOffset", 0); 
//get the Header Row Cells and iterate through them 
IList<GridViewHeaderCell> headers = grid.HeaderRow.HeaderCells; 
int idx = 0;  
foreach(GridViewHeaderCell header in headers) 
    //Instead of a sting (here it's "Unit Price"), you can use a variable 
    if(header.Text.Equals("Unit Price", StringComparison.CurrentCultureIgnoreCase))   
Assert.IsTrue(idx < headers.Count, string.Format("Column {0} not found", "Unit Price")); 
// Walk through the entire grid verifying the data 
while (verticalOffset < extentHeight) 
    foreach (GridViewRow r in grid.Rows) 
            //Here the integer "idx" is used in place of the actual index number  
            Assert.AreEqual<string>(Data["State"].ToString(), r.Cells[idx].Text.Substring(0,1)); 
    // Scroll down one page 
    verticalOffset += viewPortHeight; 
    VirtualizingPanel.InvokeMethod("SetVerticalOffset", verticalOffset); 
Dim verticalOffset As Integer = 0 
Dim viewPortHeight As Integer 
Dim extentHeight As Integer 
Dim grid As RadGridView = Pages.TelerikGridViewFor1.SilverlightApp.RadGridView1Radgridview 
Dim VirtualizingPanel As FrameworkElement = grid.Find.ByType("GridViewVirtualizingPanel") 
viewPortHeight = CInt(VirtualizingPanel.GetProperty(New AutomationProperty("ViewportHeight", GetType(Integer)))) 
extentHeight = CInt(VirtualizingPanel.GetProperty(New AutomationProperty("ExtentHeight", GetType(Integer)))) 
VirtualizingPanel.InvokeMethod("SetVerticalOffset", 0) 
Dim headers As IList(Of GridViewHeaderCell) = grid.HeaderRow.HeaderCells 
Dim idx As Integer = 0 
For Each header As GridViewHeaderCell In headers 
    'Instead of a sting (here it's "Unit Price"), you can use a variable 
    If header.Text.Equals("Unit Price", StringComparison.CurrentCultureIgnoreCase) Then 
        Exit For 
    End If 
    idx += 1 
Assert.IsTrue(idx < headers.Count, String.Format("Column {0} not found", "Unit Price")) 
While verticalOffset < extentHeight 
    For Each r As GridViewRow In grid.Rows 
        'Here the integer "idx" is used in place of the actual index number  
        Assert.AreEqual(Of String)(Data("State").ToString(), r.Cells(idx).Text.Substring(0, 1)) 
    verticalOffset += viewPortHeight 
    VirtualizingPanel.InvokeMethod("SetVerticalOffset", verticalOffset) 
End While 
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