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How to Verify Dialog Text (Chrome)

I would like to verify the text of a Dialog that is fired from the browser during test execution.


This could be achieved in a coded solution. The code will both handle the dialog and verify the text within it. What is used to handle this in Chrome is AutomationElement Class. A new AutomationElement object is retrieved for the dialog window referenced by the specified window handle and its node is located. The location of the text may vary depending on the machine used for execution though this is handled in the if..else statement.

Note: This code requires an assembly reference to the following dlls:

  • Telerik.TestStudio.Core.dll
  • UIAutomationClient.dll
  • UIAutomationTypes.dll
  • System.Windows.Forms.dll

The last three could be usually found in 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Reference Assemblies\Microsoft\Framework.NETFramework\v4.5\'.

[CodedStep(@"New Coded Step")] 
        public void WebTest_CodedStep() 
            AutomationElement dialogElement = AutomationElement.FromHandle(this.ActiveBrowser.Window.Handle); 
            AutomationElement chromeNode = dialogElement.GetControlFirstChild(el => el.Current.Name == "Google Chrome"); 
            if (chromeNode.GetControlNextSibling(el => el.Current.ControlType == ControlType.Custom) != null) 
                // for a VM machine 
                dialogElement = chromeNode.GetControlNextSibling(el => el.Current.ControlType == ControlType.Custom); 
                // for a regular machines 
                dialogElement = dialogElement.GetControlFirstChild(el => el.Current.ControlType == ControlType.Pane); 
            dialogElement = dialogElement.GetControlLastChild().GetControlLastChild(); 
            dialogElement = dialogElement.GetControlFirstChild().GetControlFirstChild().GetControlFirstChild().GetControlFirstChild().GetControlFirstChild(); 
            // Log dialog's text 
            // handle the dialog 
<CodedStep("New Coded Step")> _ 
Public Sub WebTest_CodedStep() 
    Dim dialogElement As AutomationElement = AutomationElement.FromHandle(Me.ActiveBrowser.Window.Handle) 
    Dim chromeNode As AutomationElement = dialogElement.GetControlFirstChild(Function(el) el.Current.Name = "Google Chrome") 
    If chromeNode.GetControlNextSibling(Function(el) el.Current.ControlType = ControlType.[Custom]) IsNot Nothing Then 
        ' for a VM machine 
        dialogElement = chromeNode.GetControlNextSibling(Function(el) el.Current.ControlType = ControlType.[Custom]) 
        ' for a regular machines 
        dialogElement = dialogElement.GetControlFirstChild(Function(el) el.Current.ControlType = ControlType.Pane) 
    End If 
    dialogElement = dialogElement.GetControlLastChild().GetControlLastChild() 
    dialogElement = dialogElement.GetControlFirstChild().GetControlFirstChild().GetControlFirstChild().GetControlFirstChild().GetControlFirstChild() 
    ' Log dialog's text 
    ' handle the dialog 
End Sub 

Ensure you add the following using or Imports statements to the top of the code-behind file:

using System.Windows.Automation; 
using ArtOfTest.Common.Extensions; 
using System.Windows.Forms; 
Imports System.Windows.Automation 
Imports ArtOfTest.Common.Extensions 
Imports System.Windows.Forms 
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