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Verify Not Empty

I would like to verify the text content of an element is not empty. In other words, that it contains one or more characters.

This is possible with a coded solution. The example below is against this W3Schools site.

HtmlTable table = Find.ByTagIndex<HtmlTable>("table", 0); 
HtmlTableRow row = table.Rows[0]; 
HtmlTableCell cell = row.Cells[1]; 
Assert.IsTrue(cell.TextContent.Length > 0); 
Dim table As HtmlTable = Find.ByTagIndex(Of HtmlTable)("table", 0) 
Dim row As HtmlTableRow = table.Rows(0) 
Dim cell As HtmlTableCell = row.Cells(1) 
Assert.IsTrue(cell.TextContent.Length > 0) 
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