How to Skip a Specific Iteration While Executing a Data-Bound Test

You're executing a data-driven test. You need to skip one or more iterations based on a specific condition.


You'll need to create two tests. Let's call them MainTest and Subtest. Put the actual test steps you want to invoke (i.e. your test) in Subtest.

Now it's time to bind your test to a data source. Make MainTest (which is still empty) data-driven.

After this add Subtest via the Test as Step feature in MainTest. However, we're going to do that in a coded step. Here's what the code looks like:


For each iteration of MainTest, Test Studio will attempt to implement this code and run SubTest. Now we can implement conditional logic which determines whether we execute the above logic. In effect, this will control whether a given iteration executes the SubTest. If it doesn't, the iteration is effectively skipped - it will invoke no actions of any consequence. We'll skip the iteration even though it won't seem so from MainTest's point of view (i.e. all the iterations will be listed in MainTest's Log file).

Let's say we want to implement a data-driven test that navigates to, generates a random number, and executes some steps if the number is even. First we record the required steps in MainTest. A step will Extract the generated number in a variable we're going to name num. Now we check whether this value is even and execute SubTest if it is:

if (Convert.ToInt16(this.GetExtractedValue("num")) % 2 == 0 ) 
If Convert.ToInt16(Me.GetExtractedValue("num")) Mod 2 = 0 Then 
End If 
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