Hide the Buttons

If you want to implement your custom command UI outside of the RadUpload, you have to hide the RadUpload's buttons. In order to hide them you have to get an instance of the desired button and modify its Opacity and IsHitTestVisible properties. Here is an example with the Upload and Cancel buttons.

As the buttons appear after some files have been selected, the logic is implemented in the handler for the FilesSelected event. More about the RadUpload events can be found here.

Example 1: Hide the buttons

private void radUpload_FilesSelected( object sender, Telerik.Windows.Controls.FilesSelectedEventArgs e ) 
    Button uploadButton = this.radUpload.ChildrenOfType<Button>().Where( b => b.Name.Equals( "UploadButton" ) ).FirstOrDefault(); 
    Button cancelButton = this.radUpload.ChildrenOfType<Button>().Where( b => b.Name.Equals( "CancelButton" ) ).FirstOrDefault(); 
    if ( uploadButton != null ) 
        uploadButton.Opacity = 0; 
        uploadButton.IsHitTestVisible = false; 
    if ( cancelButton != null ) 
        cancelButton.Opacity = 0; 
        cancelButton.IsHitTestVisible = false; 
Private Sub radUpload_FilesSelected(sender As Object, e As Telerik.Windows.Controls.FilesSelectedEventArgs) 
 Dim uploadButton As Button = Me.radUpload.ChildrenOfType(Of Button)().Where(Function(b As ) b.Name.Equals("UploadButton")).FirstOrDefault() 
 Dim cancelButton As Button = Me.radUpload.ChildrenOfType(Of Button)().Where(Function(b As ) b.Name.Equals("CancelButton")).FirstOrDefault() 
 If uploadButton <> Nothing Then 
  uploadButton.Opacity = 0 
  uploadButton.IsHitTestVisible = False 
 End If 
 If cancelButton <> Nothing Then 
  cancelButton.Opacity = 0 
  cancelButton.IsHitTestVisible = False 
 End If 
End Sub 

Here is a snapshot of the result.

Silverlight RadUpload Hidden Buttons

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