Silverlight Timeline Overview

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The RadTimeline control is used to visualize a sequence of events over a specified period of time. Its main purpose is to allow intuitive visualization of the events, lightweight scrolling and navigating through the period.

Silverlight RadTimeline Overview

RadTimeline's key features list:

  • Intervals - The developer can specify the possible time units for the timeline out of a predefined list of supported time units. The control chooses the best time unit from the collection according to the current zoom level.

  • Zoom - The user can zoom in and out in order to display a certain sub-period in greater detail or get a better overview of the whole period.

  • Two types of items - items with duration and instant items (events with no duration).

  • Item tooltip - The developer can specify a tooltip template for the event items, in order to display their details.

  • Customizeable templates - you can customize the appearance of the control through TimelineItemTemplate, TimelineInstantItemTemplate and ItemTemplateSelector.

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