Controlling Behavior

RadTabControl is an advanced control that allows you to control its behavior in order to achieve maximum UX satisfaction.

In this chapter we will show you some of the ways you can use to customize the control behavior.

User Interaction

  • Use the ReorderTabRows property to control how the tab item rows are ordered in case of multiple lines. The default behavior is to keep the selected tab item always on the lowest row and move the other rows above.

 ReorderTabRows set to True

ReorderTabRows set to False

The default value for the ReorderTabRows property is True.

  • Set the property AllowDragReorder to allow/disallow the user to reorder the tab items of your control using Drag & Drop.

  • Set the property IsEnabled to prevent the user from interacting with the whole tab control or with certain tab items. You can find this property in both RadTabControl and RadTabItem.

  • Set the TabNavigation property to control how the tab navigation acts on the RadTabControl.

  • Set the IsTabStop property to include or not include the control in the tab navigation.

  • AllowDragOverTab

  • IsTextSearchEnabled

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