ArcGIS Online Map Provider


The ArcGIS online services can be used via the ArcGisMapProvider class. Currently the ArcGIS map provider support six modes which can be set using the Mode property:

  1. Aeral
  2. Physical
  3. Shaded Relief
  4. Street
  5. Terrain
  6. Topographic

The Mode property specifies the appearance of the map.

The following example of the ArcGisMapProvider definition uses the Physical mode:

<telerik:RadMap x:Name="radMap" ZoomLevel="1"> 
        <telerik:ArcGisMapProvider Mode="Physical" /> 

ArcGisMapProvider provider = new ArcGisMapProvider(); 
provider.Mode = ArcGisMapMode.Physical; 
this.radMap.Provider = provider; 
Dim provider As New ArcGisMapProvider () 
provider.Mode = ArcGisMapMode.Physical 
Me.radMap.Provider = provider 

Here is a snapshot of the map that appears:

Rad Map Features Providers ArcGIS

The following snapshot demonstrates the appearance of the map for the Street mode:

Rad Map Features Providers ArcGIS Street

Also the ArcGisMapProvider allows the user to change the map mode using the Map View button of toolbar.

Rad Map Features Providers ArcGIS Config

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