Styling Indent Cells

RadGridView exposes different indent cells and indicator presenters depending on its current state - being grouped, in a hierarchy, or displaying the corresponding footers. Generally, the structure is as follows:

Figure 1: RadGridView Indent Cells

Telerik Silverlight DataGrid StyleIndicators1

Indent Cells

RadGridView exposes four different indent cells:

  • GridViewIndentCell: It is a part of the GridViewRow.

  • GridViewHeaderIndentCell: It is a part of the GridViewHeaderRow.

  • GridViewFooterIndentCell: It is a part of the GridViewFooterRow.

  • GridViewGroupFooterIndentCell: It is a part of the GridViewGroupFooterRow.

Similarly to other RadGridView elements, you may alter their appearance by modifying their default styles or by directly editing their control templates.

Indicator Presenters

RadGridView exposes five indicator presenters, each of them belonging to the corresponding row:

  • GridViewRow

  • GridViewHeaderRow

  • GridViewGroupRow

  • GridViewGroupFooterRow

  • GridViewFooterRow

You may customize each of them by editing the control template of the respective row and modify the Border element named PART_IndicatorPresenter as illustrated below:

Figure 2: Modifying indent presenters

Telerik Silverlight DataGrid HeaderRowIndicator

Figure 3 shows a RadGridView with styled indent cells and indicator presenters.

Figure 3: RadGridView with styled indent cells and indicator presenters

Telerik Silverlight DataGrid IndentCells2

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