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How To Enable Touch Events for Custom Elements

In a scenario where you have explicitly set the cell template of a column within RadGridView and you would like that element to handle a touch event separately, you should set the TouchManager.TouchMode attached property to None. Otherwise, all touch events would be handled by the RadGridView control.

Example 1 shows how to achieve the requirement for a Button element within a column's CellTemplate.

Example 1: Enable touch event for a button within a column cell template

                        <Button Name="Button1"
                                Content="Do Some Action" 
                                Command="{Binding CustomCommand}"

The attached property should be set in case of explicitly defining the element through a custom column as well. Example 2 shows how to set the attached property programmatically:

Example 2: Programmatically set TouchManager.TouchMode attached property

var someButton = new Button();
TouchManager.SetTouchMode(someButton, TouchMode.None);

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