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The following article describes the ActiveSections property / feature of the RadColorEditor. It gives you the ability to combine/remove different parts of the ColorEditor.


Since Q2 2012 SP, RadColorEditor provides ActiveSections property of type ActiveSectionTypes which is a flag enum with the following possible values:

  • SaturationValuePad [1]

  • HueSaturationPad [2]

  • HuePad [3]

  • LuminancePad [4]

  • ColorModesPanel [5]

active Sections

The default value of ActiveSections is SaturationValuePad | HuePad | ColorModesPanel.

So How to use the ActiveSections property?

In XAML , just list your ActiveSections with comma, for example like so:

<telerik:RadColorEditor  ActiveSections="HuePad, ColorModesPanel" /> 
This code produces the following result:

active Sections 2

In code behind you have to use the bitwise or:

this.colorEditor.ActiveSections = ActiveSectionTypes.HueSaturationPad | ActiveSectionTypes.LuminancePad | ActiveSectionTypes.ColorModesPanel; 
Me.colorEditor.ActiveSections = ActiveSectionTypes.HueSaturationPad Or ActiveSectionTypes.LuminancePad Or ActiveSectionTypes.ColorModesPanel         

active Sections 3

An important note here is that you cannot use every combination of the 5 section types. The rule is: you can use one or none between [1,2] and/or one or none between[3, 4] and/or one or none of [5]. If you use both SaturationValuePad and HueSaturationPan only the SaturationValuaPad will be visible. If you use both HuePad and LuminancePad only the HuePad will be visible.

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