Chart Point-marks

Most of the charts show a point mark for each data point. RadChart allows you to configure the appearance of these point marks by changing their shape and colors. To do that, you have to use ISeriesDefinition.Appearance.PointMark property which is of type PointMarkAppearanceSettings where you can change the Fill, Shape, Stroke and StrokeTickness properties of the point marks.

RadChart supports eight predefined shapes that you can use to customize the appearance of the point marks for certain series like Line, Spline, Area, etc. The shapes are members of the Telerik.Windows.Controls.Charting.MarkerShape enumeration:

  • Circle (default) Silverlight RadChart Circle Point Mark

  • Diamond Silverlight RadChart Diamond Point Mark

  • Hexagon Silverlight RadChart Hexagon Point Mark

  • Square Silverlight RadChart Square Point Mark

  • SquareRounded Silverlight RadChart SquareRounded Point Mark

  • StarEightRay Silverlight RadChart StarEightRay Point Mark

  • StarFiveRay Silverlight RadChart StarFiveRay Point Mark

  • Triangle Silverlight RadChart Triangle Point Mark

To learn more about customizing the point marks read the Styling the Point Marks topic. In case the provided customizations are not enough, you can completely re-template the point mark. See here for more information.

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