Silverlight Calendar Overview

RadCalendar is a fully featured data-input control providing the ability to display different views such as months, years, decades, centuries, multiple months view, etc. Additionally, you can select several dates at a time and define selection ranges.

Rad Calendar Overview

Key Features:

  • Display Modes: You can display the calendar in four different views - Months, Years, Decades and Centuries. Thus, you can adjust the calendar component to meet your very own business needs.

  • Multiple Months View: RadCalendar can be easily configured to show more than one month in the calendar area. Thus, you can make the navigation easier and faster.

  • Powerful DataBinding: Telerik RadCalendar for Silverlight can be bound to various datasoure types, such as such as Object, XML and WCF services.

  • Selection Mode: RadCalendar supports both single and multi-date selection. This behavior can be changed by using a single property.

  • Selection Range: Set the range of the dates the user will be able to navigate to, and a constraint on the dates that can be selected.

  • Keyboard Navigation: RadCalendar supports the standard browser navigation paradigm. Users can tab across the page elements till they reach the calendar element. Then they can go forward/backward over the individual days by pressing the [Tab]/[Shift+Tab] keys. A day can be selected by clicking the [Enter] button.

  • Styling and Appearance: RadCalendar can be fully customized using Expression Blend. There are also several pre-defined themes that can be used to stylize the calendar control.

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