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RadAutoCompleteBox is a Silverlight control that provides a textbox for the user's input and suggests possible matches based on that input. The control has a number of advanced features such as support for different autocomplete modes, keyboard navigation, virtualization for working with thousands of items in its ItemsSource, as well as full customization capabilities.


Here are some of the control's key features:

  • Different autocomplete modes: The Silverlight RadAutoCompleteBox supports different autocomplete modes - Suggest, Append, SuggestAppend. Read more

  • Async filtering: Using the AsyncFilteringBehavior makes the filtering of huge amount of items unnoticeable.

  • Custom highlighting: You can choose which item of the filtered items to be highlighted depending on some custom logic by setting the control's HighlightBehavior property.

  • Expression Blend support: All controls from the UI for Silverlight suite can be easily customized using Expression Blend.

  • Keyboard support: The Silverlight RadAutoCompleteBox supports several keyboard shortcuts for performing the most common tasks.

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