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How to zip and unzip multiple files with a password


Product Version 2020.2.617
Product RadZipLibrary for Document Processing


The example is showing how to all files from a directory to a password-protected zip archive.


The following code snippet is traversing all the files in a directory then add the contents of each file to a new Entry in the ZipArchive. The password for the archive is passed through the DefaultEncryptionSettings class. After zipping all the files a new folder named TestZip is created and the contents of the ZipArchive are unzipped into the new folder.

DefaultEncryptionSettings protectionSettings = new DefaultEncryptionSettings() { Password = "test" };

using (FileStream output = File.OpenWrite("")) { using (ZipArchive zipArchive = new ZipArchive(output, ZipArchiveMode.Create, true, null, null, protectionSettings)) { string currentDirectory = Directory.GetCurrentDirectory(); string[] files = Directory.GetFiles(currentDirectory); IEnumerable txtFiles = files.Where(p => Path.GetExtension(p) == ".txt");

    foreach (string file in txtFiles) 
        using (FileStream stream = File.OpenRead(file)) 
            using (ZipArchiveEntry entry = zipArchive.CreateEntry(Path.GetFileName(file))) 
                Stream entryStream = entry.Open(); 


string unzipDir = "TestZip"; if (!Directory.Exists(unzipDir)) { Directory.CreateDirectory(unzipDir); }

using (FileStream output = File.OpenRead("")) { using (ZipArchive zipArchive = new ZipArchive(output, ZipArchiveMode.Read, true, null, null, protectionSettings)) { foreach (ZipArchiveEntry entry in zipArchive.Entries) { using (Stream entryStream = entry.Open()) using (FileStream fileStream = File.OpenWrite(string.Format("{0}/{1}", unzipDir, entry.FullName))) { entryStream.CopyTo(fileStream); } } } }

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