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How to Quote Worksheet Values during CSV Export


Product Version Product Author
2024.1.124 SpreadProcessing Yoan Karamanov


This example shows how to export the values of a worksheet to a CSV file using RadSpreadProcessing, while also specifying the delimiter and surrounding the cell values with quotes.

Please note that this approach is slower than using the integrated SpreadProcessing API.


  1. Define the delimiter character and quote character to be used in the CSV file.
  2. Open a stream and create a StreamWriter to write the CSV file. The example below opens a file named "output.csv".
  3. Get the range of used cells in the worksheet.
  4. Iterate over each row and column in the used cell range and export the cell values to the CSV file.
Workbook workbook;
IWorkbookFormatProvider xlsxFormatProvider = new XlsxFormatProvider();

using (Stream input = new FileStream("input.xlsx", FileMode.Open))
    workbook = xlsxFormatProvider.Import(input);

Worksheet worksheet = workbook.ActiveWorksheet;

//Manually export to CSV
char delimiter = ',';
string quote = "\"";
string doubleQuotes = $"{quote}{quote}";

using (Stream stream = File.OpenWrite("test.csv"))
using (StreamWriter writer = new StreamWriter(stream))
    var usedCellRange = worksheet.GetUsedCellRange(CellPropertyDefinitions.ValueProperty);
    for (int row = usedCellRange.FromIndex.RowIndex; row <= usedCellRange.ToIndex.RowIndex; row++)
        for (int column = usedCellRange.FromIndex.ColumnIndex; column <= usedCellRange.ToIndex.ColumnIndex; column++)
            var cellSelection = worksheet.Cells[row, column];
            var format = cellSelection.GetFormat().Value;
            var value = cellSelection.GetValue().Value.GetResultValueAsString(format);

            var handledQUotes = value.Replace(quote, doubleQuotes);



Before - After quoting and exporting to CSV

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