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Add Digital Signatures on an existing page | Telerik Document Processing

Product Version Product Author
2021.1.118 RadPdfProcessing Georgi Georgiev


A common scenario is to replace a temporary page content (a templated text) with a Digital Signature widget. This allows already created PDF documents, e.g. using the Telerik Report Designer, to be modified by adding a Digital Signature on a position defined by the existing content of the document.


The following example demonstrates the approach of iterating the page content and finding TextFragment elements matching the $CollectSignature text. For each found match, a Signature Field is created and the TextFragment is replaced with a Signature widget. The Rect property is used to position and outline the Signature widget on the page.

foreach (RadFixedPage page in document.Pages) 
    List<TextFragment> contentToRemove = new List<TextFragment>(); 
    foreach (ContentElementBase contentElement in page.Content) 
        // Find a TextFragment excactly mathcing the $CollectSignature text 
        if (contentElement is TextFragment textFragment && textFragment.Text == "$CollectSignature") 
            // Create and add Signature Field and Signature Widget 
            SignatureField signatureField = document.AcroForm.FormFields.AddSignature("SignatureFieldUniqueName"); 
            SignatureWidget widget = signatureField.Widgets.AddWidget(); 
            Point location = new Point(textFragment.Position.Matrix.OffsetX, textFragment.Position.Matrix.OffsetY - textFragment.FontSize); 
            widget.Rect = new Rect(location, new Size(DesiredWidth, DesiredHeight)); 
            // Indicate the TextFragment to be removed 
    foreach (TextFragment contentElement in contentToRemove) 
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