Scripts in RadEditor

Please review bellow how to enable the use of Scriptswhen using RadEditor for MOSS:

  • In WebPart scenarioSet (add if not present) the AllowScripts property to true in ConfigFile.xml

  • In WCM scenarioThis feature is available only if you have replaced the original editor through SharePoint Designer. If you are using 5.5.1 or newer version of RadEditor for MOSS, set the he AllowScripts and AllowSpecialTags properties to true in the current page using SharePoint Designer, otherwise set (add if not present) the AllowScriptsproperty to true in ConfigFile.xml and AllowSpecialTags in the the current page using SharePoint Designer.

  • In SharePoint forms scenario (Lists, Wikis, Blogs, etc.)You cannot use JavaScript in RadEditor in such scenario. There RadEditor does not have control over the presentation view which means that we cannot control the output when it is not in edit mode.

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