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Gesture Support

By default, some Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX controls support touch gestures for performing certain actions.

All clickable elements support tap gestures. Scrollable controls support scrolling gestures.

The following table lists the controls that handle specific gestures, and the actions they perform.

Control Gesture and Action
  • Drag to scroll the table view.
  • Swipe with two active points to go to the next or previous page.
  • Tap or double-tap to activate a button (tool) or choose an item from a list.
  • Drag to scroll (for example, the content area or the list of tools). Double-tap acts like a single tap.
  • Pinch gestures are cancelled by the control to prevent zooming, both in the main editor view and in the dialogs.
  • Swipe to navigate the images, thumbnails, and show or hide the thumbnails area.
  • Tap and hold to toggle the slideshow feature.
  • Double-tap to enter or exit the full screen mode.
  • Tap on an image to navigate to the page pointed by the NavigateUrl property.
LightBox Swipe to navigate the images or tap on the image to hide the navigation arrows (if visible) and the description box (when the overlay mode is enabled).
  • Drag the layer to pan.
  • Spread or pinch to zoom in or zoom out.
Rotator Drag an item to scroll the rotator.
Slider Simultaneously drag both drag handles of the Slider to change its selected region.
  • Drag a tile to move it.
  • Perform a short vertical drag to select a tile.
Window Drag the title bar to move the window.
Drawer Swipe to reveal the full content of the Drawer.
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