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Prevent double clicking the Next or Finish Wizard buttons


Quickly clicking multiple times on the Next or Finish button calls the event handlers multiple time.


Clicking the Finish button twice, will make two requests to the server, which would lead to executing the server-side logic twice. This can be a problem, for example, if a billing process takes place in the Finish button click handler.


The solution for this case is to disable the button in the OnClientButtonClicking event. Usually, when the button is disabled, the disabled state is not persisted when a postback is triggered.

If there is no postback when a button is clicked, re-enabling the button is needed. In the examples below, this is achieved in the commented out setTimeout functions.

function OnClientButtonClicking(sender, args) {
    var command = args.get_command();
    if (command == Telerik.Web.UI.WizardCommand.Finish) {
        var $finishButton = $telerik.$(sender.get_element()).find(".rwzFinish");
        // disable the finish button
        $finishButton.prop('disabled', true);
        // reenable the finish button after 500ms
        //setTimeout(function () {
        //    $finishButton.prop('disabled', false);
        //}, 500);
    } else if (command == Telerik.Web.UI.WizardCommand.Next) {
        var $nextButton = $telerik.$(sender.get_element()).find(".rwzNext");
        $nextButton.prop('disabled', true);
        //setTimeout(function () {
        //    $nextButton.prop('disabled', false);
        //}, 500)
    } else if (command == Telerik.Web.UI.WizardCommand.Previous) {
        var $prevButton = $telerik.$(sender.get_element()).find(".rwzPrevious");
        $prevButton.prop('disabled', true);
        //setTimeout(function () {
        //    $prevButton.prop('disabled', false);
        //}, 500)
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