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Use Unobtrusive Validation in .NET 4.5 Telerik Site or Application


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How can use unobtrusive validation in .NET 4.5 Telerik website or Telerik web application?


When you create a .NET 4.5 Telerik website, the default web form has a RadScriptManager which means that the jQuery version that goes with the Telerik controls is registered with the ScriptManager as jquery. Therefore, you need to specify the order in which jQuery and the validation scripts are registered. The validation scripts of the unobtrusive validation, WebForms.js and WebUIValidation.js, are not available in this case and you also need to install them on the web site.

To set up the unobtrusive validation:

  1. Open TOOLS > Library Package Manager > Package Manager Console. Install the Microsoft Ajax optimization bundle for Web Forms with the ScriptManager by running the PM> Install-Package Microsoft.AspNet.ScriptManager.WebForms -Version x.x.x command. To check the current version of this NuGet package, refer to its download page.As a result, the WebForms.js and WebUIValidation.js script files will be installed on the website.

  2. Configure the RadScriptManager as shown in the following example to specify that jQuery is registered before the validation scripts:

        <telerik:RadScriptManager runat="server" ID="RadScriptManager1">
            <asp:ScriptReference Assembly="Telerik.Web.UI" Name="Telerik.Web.UI.Common.Core.js" />
            <asp:ScriptReference Assembly="Telerik.Web.UI" Name="Telerik.Web.UI.Common.jQuery.js" />
            <asp:ScriptReference Assembly="Telerik.Web.UI" Name="Telerik.Web.UI.Common.jQueryInclude.js" />
            <asp:ScriptReference Name="WebForms.js" Assembly="System.Web" Path="~/Scripts/WebForms/WebForms.js" />
            <asp:ScriptReference Name="WebUIValidation.js" Assembly="System.Web" Path="~/Scripts/WebForms/WebUIValidation.js" />
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