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Add alt and title attributes to the thumbnails of RadImageGallery


Product RadImageGallery for ASP.NET AJAX


Due to accessibility requirements or fine-tuning of the thumbnail items of RadImageGallery, you may need to get access to them on the client-side and apply new HTML attributes to them. The example below shows how to get access to the thumbnails and apply alt and title attributes to one of them.


You can access the HTML elements of the Thumbnails on the client-side and set their alt and title attributes in the pageLoad() method which is fired after the load of the Telerik controls on the page:

function pageLoad(sender, args) {
    var items = $find('<%= RadImageGallery1.ClientID %>').get_items();
    var item = items.getItem(2);
    item.get_thumbnailElement().title = "My ToolTip";
    item.get_thumbnailElement().setAttribute("alt", "alt value");
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