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Truncate Labels (set Max Length)


How to truncate the text of a chart labels and set max length to their strings.


If changing the data source to reflect the desired state of the texts is not an option, you can use the ClientTemplate of the labels (or other elements) and create a JavaScript function that will truncate the text as desired.

Here is a basic example:

<telerik:RadHtmlChart runat="server" ID="RadHtmlChart1" Width="500px" Height="400px">
                    <telerik:PieSeriesItem Y="1" Name="some very long name that you want to have truncated" />
                    <telerik:PieSeriesItem Y="3" Name="another very long name that you want to have truncated" />
                    <telerik:PieSeriesItem Y="5" Name="a short name" />
        <Appearance Visible="false"></Appearance>
    function truncateLabels(text) {
        //implement actual logic that will shorten texts
        if (text.length > 10) {
            return text.substring(0, 10) + "...";
        return text;
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