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Set the horizontal scroll position to a specific column in a RadGrid


By default, the scroll position on the initial load of the grid is at the beginning (leftmost column).       


In order to set the scroll to be on the last cell execute the following JavaScript functions.

OnGridCreated event handler:

function OnGridCreated(sender, args) {
    var grid = $find("<%=RadGrid1.ClientID%>");  // Get the client-side object of the Grid
    var master = grid.get_masterTableView();     // Get the master table
    var offset = master.getColumnByUniqueName("Freight").get_element().offsetLeft;  // Get the offset of the specific column cell

    setScroll(grid, offset);

And the setScroll function:

function setScroll(grid, scrollLeft) {
    var dataDiv = $telerik.findElement(grid.get_element(), grid.get_id() + "_GridData");
    dataDiv.scrollLeft = scrollLeft;  // Set the scroll offset
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