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Filter RadGrid with quotes, AND, OR or other special symbols


RadGrid control considers quotes, "AND", "OR" and other similar meaningful statements in query context as illegal when filtering. These are the default values of this collection:

{ " LIKE ", " AND ", " OR ", "\"", ">", "<", "<>", " NULL ", " IS " }


You can remove the "AND" and "OR" statements from the forbidden filter string collection. This could be achieved in the Page_Load() event handler as following:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    GridFilterFunction.IllegalStrings = new string[] { " LIKE ", ">", "<", "<>", " NULL ", " IS " };
    RadGrid1.EnableLinqExpressions = false;

Telerik does not bear responsibility when you change this collection.

If you are using CheckList or HeaderContext (Excel-like) filtering mode, you can additionally set the following property:

<telerik:RadGrid ... >
    <FilterMenu EnableTextHTMLEncoding="false"></FilterMenu>
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