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Common properties in RadGrid, MasterTable and DetailTable tags


There are some properties that exist in RadGrid, MasterTable and GridTableView (DetailTable) tags. Which one to use and when?


The principle is this – the RadGrid tag is the common place to set properties which are inherited by inner levels. If a property with the same exists in multiple levels, the property from the innermost level is in effect.

For instance, with a hierarchy and paging enabled:

  1. RadGrid tag is setting PageSize = “7”, all inner tables will now have PageSize 7.

  2. We change the MasterTableView tag to set PageSize = “5”, the main table level now shows 5 records, while inner tables remain with 7

  3. GridTableView has now PageSize = “3”. The table corresponding to this level will show 3 records per page, while main level will show 5 and any other level: 7.

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