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Configure Hyperlink Manager URL field of RadEditor to starts with HTTPS


Product Version 2020.2.617
Product RadEditor for ASP.NET AJAX


Due to legacy reasons, the URL textbox begins with http://, but you can easily update it to https:// by following the instructions below.


To update the default value of the URL field of the Hyperlink manager from http:// to https://, you need to create a js file (e.g. dialog.js) with the following content:

setTimeout(function () {
    var urlField = document.getElementById("LinkURL");
    if (urlField.value.indexOf("https") || urlField.value.indexOf("http") > 0) {
        urlField.value = "https://";
}, 100);

and to load it through the DialogsScriptFile property

<telerik:RadEditor runat="server" ID="RadEditor1" DialogsScriptFile="~/dialog.js" ></telerik:RadEditor>

Solution 2

Use the OnClientCommandExecuted to access the HyperlinkManager dialog's contents and modify the LinkURL field value according to what's commining from the selection in the content area, e.g. if there is a selected URL it will stay untouched, if it is an empty selection the http:// protocol will be updated to https://, e.g.

<telerik:RadEditor runat="server" ID="RadEditor1" OnClientCommandExecuted="OnClientCommandExecuted"></telerik:RadEditor>
    function OnClientCommandExecuted(sender, args) {
        var dialogWindow,
            commandName = "LinkManager";

        dialogWindow = sender.get_dialogOpener()._dialogContainers[commandName];

        if (dialogWindow) {
            isIframe = dialogWindow.get_contentFrame();

            if (isIframe) {

    function setUrlProtocol(sender) {
        var urlField = sender.get_contentFrame().contentDocument.getElementById("LinkURL");

        if (urlField.value.indexOf("http://") >= 0 && urlField.value.substring(0).length == 7)  {
            urlField.value = "https://";
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