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Designer Files Are Not Updated or Are Missing Telerik Controls


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Designer files are not updated or are missing Telerik controls.


On rare occasions, the designer.cs or designer.vb files may not be updated when you change the markup of a page, or they may be missing the Telerik controls altogether.


To solve this issue, use any of the following approaches:

  • Check if the issue occurs on another machine, for example, a colleague's. If not, compare the machines to try to find the difference that causes it.

  • When Visual Studio 2013 is used together with TFS and Get Everything when a solution or project is opened under Options > Source Control > Environment is checked, uncheck the option and manually retrieve the latest version. This issue occurs with the native ASP.NET controls as well.

  • Try deleting your local copy of the project and get it anew from your source control.

  • Try deleting the contents of the license.licx file or the entire file so that Visual Studio can generate it again.

  • Try deleting the .suo file of the solution.

  • Try uninstalling the Telerik Visual Studio Extensions.

  • If possible in your scenario, try moving the control declaration from the markup to the code-behind.

  • Try removing the Telerik assembly references and adding them again through the Visual Studio dialogs. It is recommended that you copy them to the Bin folder of your application and point the references there.

  • Ensure the Telerik control tags are in PascalCase and not in all lowercase. A report suggested that this caused the classes in the designer files to also become lowercase which led to their mismatch for the actual classes.

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