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RadDatePicker binding to dates outside Min/Max range


I have a RadDatePicker that uses MinDate and MaxDate properties for user input. When binding a date earlier than the MinDate property, the RadDatePicker changes the date to be the minimum date. I want to restrict user inputted dates to a range, but bind dates from legacy data correctly.


The RadDatePicker automatically changes dates based on the MinDate and MaxDate properties.


The auto-correcting of the RadDatePicker can be disabled by setting the property EnableSmartParsing="false". This may result in an exception being thrown when the bound date is outside the acceptable range. That exception can be prevented by setting the SkipMinMaxDateValidationOnServer="true" property.

<telerik:RadDatePicker ID="RadDatePicker1" runat="server" MinDate="1/1/2018" MaxDate="12/31/2018" SkipMinMaxDateValidationOnServer="true">
    <DateInput runat="server" EnableSmartParsing="false"/>
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