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Skins Assembly Builder


This article will answer the most common questions asked about the Skins Assembly Builder tool.

What is SkinsAssemblyBuilder?

SkinsAssemblyBuilder is a Web Tool created to Automate the process of creating Skins Assemblies for the Classic RenderMode. For more details on the rendering, please check out the Render Modes help article. The SkinsAssemblyBuilder was initially hosted on the, however, it is no longer available.

What happened with SkinsAssemblyBuilder?

As Technology evolved over time, new rules and standards were released. To comply with those, Progress has created a new rendering mode. Since then SkinsAssemblyBuilder received no interest from the community and Progress decided to discontinue it.

How do I build a Skins Assembly without the SkinsAssemblyBuilder?

The recommended approach for building a Skins Assembly is by creating a Class Library and add Embedded Resources to it. You can find instructions in the How to Load Skins from External Assemblies help article.

If I wanted to, can I still access the old SkinsAssemblyBuilder Source Code?

Yes. The source code of the SkinsAssemblyBuilder can be download from the following link:

Attached you can also find a Short video demonstrating the usage: common-skinsassemblybuilder-Recording-31

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