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Perform silent MSI install


Silently install the Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX controls from MSI


The command you need is

msiexec /i [PathToAJAXMSI] /qn ADDLOCAL=Assemblies35,Assemblies40,Assemblies45,TelerikVSExtensionsVS2022 /L*v [PathForInstallLog]

The Command-Line Options article provides details about the different options available for the command line msi installations.

There are also several important points to note:

  1. The installer should have all the listed features.

  2. Path to installer should be fully qualified unless you are executing the command from the installer location

  3. Logging is optional but I would recommend it as it will help you troubleshoot any problems

  4. Have in mind that you will have to allow enough time for the installation to complete

You can download the MSI installation from

For more information on the MSI installer check out this article Installing Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX Controls from MSI File.

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