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Remove Outline around Telerik Controls in Chrome


With the release of Chrome 83 and the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge were introduced some appearance changes. Some of these changes also can be seen while interacting with Telerik Web UI for ASP.NET AJAX Controls, see Updates to Form Controls and Focus.

The subject of the current article is how to remove the new "Focus Ring" (Black outline around the focused element) in Chromium-based browsers. Although that change is made for the purpose of more convenient navigation between the elements using a keyboard or switch device it can result in a violation of the consistent and aesthetic appearance of the page.

Outline demo

As an important accessibility feature, instead of removing the focus indicator, you may consider modifying it so that it fits better in the page design.


The "Focus Ring" is represented by an outline style applied by the browser. To modify it you can apply CSS rules and override the styles set by the browsers.

1) Inspect HTML element to define a CSS selector which to be used for applying the new style.

Find how to inspect HTML elements and with their styles applied, and some more useful tips in the Improve Your Debugging Skills with Chrome DevTools blog post.

Inspect HTML element

2) Apply CSS to override the appearance:


The example above shows how to remove the outline of a RadGrid.

Here are a few more sample cases with Telerik AJAX Controls:

  • "Show Context Menu" button of a RadGrid in RenderMode = "Classic"

RadGrid ContextMenuButton

.RadGrid .rgOptions:focus{
  • RadTextBox

RadTextBox HTML inspect

.RadInput *:focus{
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