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An Ajaxified Control Still Makes Postbacks


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What can I do when an ajaxified control still makes postbacks?


If you have added the AjaxSetting for a control that will be ajaxified, but it still makes regular postbacks, use any of the following approaches to handle this issue:

  • If your AjaxSettings are defined in ASPX, verify whether the control ID completely matches the corresponding AjaxSetting. Also, check whether the AjaxManager designer shows your control as ajaxified, which will ensure that the manager will find and ajaxify the control at runtime.

  • If your AjaxSettings are defined in the code-behind, check if you are adding your AjaxSettings on the event-handler of each control. AjaxSettings are not preserved in the ViewState so you have to add them on each PageLoad. In such cases, you may find your ajaxified control making a postback on the first try.

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