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Create Project

Telerik ASP.NET AJAX Visual Studio Extensions will help you to quickly create an application pre-configured to use Telerik® UI for ASP.NET AJAX. The fastest way to have such a project is using the Visual Studio New Project Wizard. Having opened it, the following four Telerik Ajax project templates could be found under the Telerik -> Web node:

introduction-vsx newproject 1

For convenience the same project templates could be found under the Visual C# -> Web and Visual Basic -> Web nodes.

After you click the OK button, you get the Create New Project Wizard, provided by the Telerik® UI for ASP.NET AJAX Visual Studio Extensions. The wizard detects all the installed versions of Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX and lists them in the Version combobox. You can select a version which you want to be applied to your project. The following options could be set into the Create new project wizard:

introduction-vsx newproject 1

  • Language - Select the Telerik project language (the option is only available in the New Project Wizard). You can choose between two options: C# or VB.

  • Project Type - Select the Telerik project type (the option is only available in the New Project Wizard). You can choose between two options: APP (Application) or SITE (Web Site).

  • Project Template - Select the Telerik project template (the option is only available in the New Project Wizard). The Blank template only references the assemblies and has the mandatory additions to the web.config. The Responsive template uses the RadPageLayout control to provide a basic template for a responsive web page. The Outlook-inspired template joins the power of some of the most popular controls in Telerik® UI for ASP.NET AJAX to create one of the most recognizable applications in the world – Microsoft Outlook. You can easily spot RadGrid, RadButton, RadInput, RadScheduler and RadCalendar how blend seamlessly. The Visual Studio template can be used as a layout for a quick start of any other business application and it is available after R2 2016.

If you prefer the Telerik assemblies to be copied into your solution folder, the Copy referenced assemblies to solution and source control option could be selected only into the Visual Studio Extensions Options but it is not applicable for Visual Studio web site projects.

When creating a new project, the Render Mode of the Telerik controls is automatically set to Lightweight.

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