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Wizard Object

The RadWizard client-side object exposes the following public methods and properties to control its behavior:

RadWizard Client-Side Methods

Name Parameters Return Type Description
get_activeIndex int Returns the active step index.
get_activeWizardStep Telerik.Web.UI.RadWizardStep Returns active RadWizardStep object.
get_renderedSteps Telerik.Web.UI.RadWizardStepCollection Returns a collection of RadWizardStep contained in RadWizard control.
get_cancelButtonElement HTML element Returns the cancel button HTML element.
get_finishButtonElement HTML element Returns the finish button HTML element.
get_previousButtonElement HTML element Returns previous button HTML element.
get_nextButtonElement HTML element Returns next button HTML element.
get_progressPercent int Returns the current RadWizard level of completion.
get_history Array Returns an array of indexes of the steps that have been activated. They are also arranged in the same order they have been activated.
set_activeIndex int Sets an active step for the RadWizard with the same index as the one sent as parameter.
set_activeWizardStep Telerik.Web.UI.RadWizardStep Sets an active step for the RadWizard control.
set_progressPercent int Sets the RadWizard current value of the progress.
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