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How to Open a RadWindow from Within a RadWindow

When opening a RadWindow from code that is inside another RadWindow object, you can use any of the methods described in the Opening Windows article. However, by default the parent of the new RadWindow object is the window that is executing the JavaScript. This limits the second window from moving outside the borders of the first RadWindow object, which is likely to be unduly constricting and unintuitive to the end user.

You can, instead, use the current RadWindow's parent window as the parent of the new window. This allows the new window the same freedom of movement as the current RadWindow object. There are two ways to accomplish this:

  • Obtain a reference to the parent window, and call radopen from there. This requires a RadWindowManager on the parent page.

  • Obtain a reference to the RadWindowManager, which is on the parent window, and use its open method.

  • Call a function on the parent page that will open the desired dialog.

For either method, your first step is to get a reference to the current RadWindow. The most robust way to do this from its content page is to add the following function to the RadWindow that will open the second RadWindow:

function GetRadWindow() {
    var oWindow = null; if (window.radWindow)
        oWindow = window.radWindow; else if (window.frameElement.radWindow)
        oWindow = window.frameElement.radWindow; return oWindow;

Next, if you want to use the first approach, you can use the current RadWindow to get a reference to the parent page, and use it to call radopen:

var oBrowserWnd = GetRadWindow().BrowserWindow;
setTimeout(function () {
    oBrowserWnd.radopen("some-page.aspx", "desired-RadWindow-Name");
}, 0);

If you choose the second approach, use the current RadWindow to get a reference to its RadWindowManager in the parent page, and use it to call open:

var oManager = GetRadWindow().get_windowManager();
setTimeout(function () {"some-page.aspx", "desired-RadWindow-Name");
}, 0);

The timeout is needed to allow the browser to properly set the active RadWindow. It causes the opening logic to execute after all code in the content page has ran. Otherwise, the click will focus the first dialog once it bubbles to the body element, after opening the second one.

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