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Load On Demand Expand on Server-side NodeClick


A Load On Demand TreeView for which:

  • The ExpandMode for Load On Demand Nodes is either ServerSideCallBack or WebService.

  • The NodeClick server-side event is handled.

  • A Node is expanded when clicked (in either the OnClientNodeClicking or OnClientNodeClicked event handlers).


Due to timing issues in case ExpandMode for the clicked Node is:

  • ServerSideCallBack - the Node does not expand after the postback although its child Nodes are loaded.

  • WebService - the Web Method fails.


Ensure that the NodeClick event fires after the Node finishes loading its Nodes:

  1. Expand the Node in the OnClientNodeClicking event handler. If the Node's ExpandMode is ServerSideCallBack or WebService and the Node does not have children, cancel the event. Below is an example:

    function onClientNodeClicking(sender, eventArgs){
    var node = eventArgs.get_node();
    if ((node.get_expandMode() > 1) &&
     (node.get_nodes().get_count() == 0))
  2. Handle the OnClientNodePopulated event and select the expanded Node in the event handler, like this:

    function onClientNodePopulated(sender, eventArgs){ 
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