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Expanding Nodes

Here are some general rules when expanding nodes:

  1. The server-side method ExpandAllNodes() will expand only the nodes that have ExpandMode set to ClientSide. The same applies when you set the Expanded property to True.

Nodes that have any other ExpandMode can be expanded only client-side: either by user interaction (mouse click) or by calling the expand() client-side method.

As a result, if you set the Expanded = true to a node which has ExpandMode - ServerSideCallBack/ServerSide/WebService - the node will not expand and the NodeExpand server-side event will not fire.

  1. Setting the Expanded property to True does not fire the NodeExpand event. You can place the code that is to be executed in that event right after setting the Expanded property to True.

  2. Calling the client-side expand() method does not fire OnClientNodeExpanding and OnClientNodeExpanded client-side events.

This is by design. You can put your code from the OnClientNodeExpanding handler before calling the expand() method and the code from the OnClientNodeExpanded after the call of the expand() method.

If the node which is expanding has set ExpandMode to either ServerSideCallBack or WebService - the OnClientNodePopulating and OnClientNodePopulated client-side events are fired.

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