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The OnClientDataBound event is added in Q3 2008 release and fires when a Node is being created during Web Service Load on Demand. The event cannot be canceled.

The event handler receives the following parameters:

  1. The RadTreeView instance that fired the event.

  2. Event arguments with functions:

  • get_dataItem() - gets a reference to the DataItem (RadTreeNodeData or any other serializable custom class) that the current Node is being bound to.

  • get_domEvent() - undefined for this event.

  • get_node() - gets a reference to the Node that is being bound.

The following example shows how a value is extracted from the DataItem and set as a Custom Attribute to Nodes loaded via a Web Service.

function onNodeDataBound(sender, eventArgs) {
    var node = eventArgs.get_node();
    var dataItem = eventArgs.get_dataItem();
    var CustomAttribute = dataItem.CustomAttribute;

    node.get_attributes().setAttribute("CustomAttribute", CustomAttribute);

Another usage of the DataItem object is in client-side Templates that are about to be introduced with the next version of ASP.NET AJAX. See the following blog post for more details -RadControls and ASP.NET Ajax 4.0 Preview.

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