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Collapse All Nodes on Losing Focus

In some cases it might be more convenient for the end user if TreeView Nodes automatically collapse when the user sets the focus on different control on the page.


  1. Invoke a custom script in the onload attribute of the tag on the page which holds the TreeView. The script should obtain the TreeView div object on the client and relate a client function for Nodes collapsing to its onblur event.

  2. Collapse the expanded Nodes in the TreeView using the collapse() function from the Client API of the control.

<body ms_positioning="GridLayout" onload="ProceedRequest()">

    <script language="javascript">
   function ProceedRequest()
       var treeDiv = document.getElementById("<%= RadTreeView1.ClientID %>");
       treeDiv.onblur = function (){ CollapseAllNodes(); };

   function CollapseAllNodes()
       var tree = $find("<%= RadTreeView1.ClientID %>");
       var allNodes = tree.get_allNodes();
       var index;
       for (index = 0; index < allNodes.length; index++)
           var node = allNodes[index];


The RadTreeView control should has its TabIndex property set so that the onblur event of its div element fires.

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