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The ExpandAnimation and CollapseAnimation tags of RadTreeView are used to customize the way groups are expanded and collapsed. For each expand or collapse animation, you can specify Type and Duration:

  • The Type is chosen from a list of predefined animation effects:

    • Linear

    • InQuad

    • OutQuad

    • InOutQuad

    • InCubic

    • OutCubic

    • InOutCubic

    • InQuart

    • OutQuart

    • InOutQuart

    • InQuint

    • OutQuint

    • InOutQuint

    • InSine

    • OutSine

    • InOutSine

    • InExpo

    • OutExpo

    • InOutExpo

    • InBack

    • OutBack

    • InOutBack

    • InBounce

    • OutBounce

    • InOutBounce

    • InElastic

    • OutElastic

    • InOutElastic

  • The Duration is set in milliseconds and describes the amount of time to animate the expanding or collapsing of the RadTreeView.

To disable expand animation effects, set the Type to AnimationType.None.

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