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Getting Started

This tutorial will walk you through creating a Web page that contains a RadTreeList control. It shows how to create and bind a RadTreeList control using a declarative data source.

Creating and Binding the RadTreeList

  1. Locate the "..\Live Demos\App_Data" folder underneath the folder where you have installed UI for ASP.NET AJAX controls. In this folder, find the "Northwind.mdf" file and copy it into the App_Data folder of your Web application. The Solution Explorer for your application may look something like the following:

  2. Using the RadTreeList Smart tag expand the drop-down list labelled Choose Data Source and select `<New data source...>:
    Smart tag

  3. The Data Source Configuration Wizard appears. On the Choose a Data Source Type page, select "SQL Database" and click OK:
    Data Source Configuration Wizard

  4. On the Choose Your Data Connection page click the New Connection button and select the "Northwind.mdb" file that you copied into App_Data folder. Then click the Next button:
    Choose Your Data Connection

  5. On the Configure Select Statement page, select the "Employees" table from the drop-down list, and select the "EmployeeID", "LastName", "FirstName", "Region", "PostalCode" and "Country" fields. Then choose Next:
    Configure Select Statement

  6. On the Test Query page, click the Test Query button to see the data. Then click Finish, to exit the Configure Data Source wizard:
    Test Query

For more information about how to configure the RadTreeList through the Visual Studio designer, see the Design Time article.