As expected from a sophisticated databound control, RadTreeList offerssorting capabilities that allows the users to conveniently order the items in the desired direction. Toenable this functionality you just have to set AllowSorting property to true and the control will handle the sorting operations automatically.

There are three sort modes:

  • Ascending - orders the items in ascending order.

  • Descending - orders the items in descending order.

  • None - the items are ordered in the way they came from the datasource ("Natural" sort).

RadTreeList also supports sorting by multiple data fields - this is theso-called Multi-column sorting. To enable this mode, set the AllowMultiColumnSorting to true.

Sorting in RadTreeList

Due to the self-referencing nature of the control, the sorting takes effect "per-level". Basically,this means that each level of the hierarchical structure is sorted independently. The screenshot belowillustrates this behavior:RadTreeList Sorting

Sorting API

RadTreeList exposes the following properties and methods:

Property Description
AllowMultiColumnSorting Determines whether the multi-column sorting functionality is enabled.
AllowNaturalSort Enables or disables the "natural" sort mode where the items are ordered in the way they came fromthe datasource.
AllowSorting Enables the sorting functionality in RadTreeList.
SortExpressions SortExpressions collection. Contains the expressions that are applied to the control.
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