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Recursive Selection

As part of its server-side selection RadTreeList gives you the ability to select items recursively. To enable the RadTreeList recursive selection, set the AllowRecursiveSelection property to true.

When AllowRecursiveSelection is set to true, this implicitly enables multi-item selection for the RadTreeList.

To select an item/items, you can either use the TreeListSelectColumn or set the Selected property of the item/items to true (see this article).

When recursive selection is enabled for the RadTreeList and you select an item, its all nested items are selected, no matter on which nested level they are on (visible or not). Also, if selecting an item makes all items on the same level selected, their parent item will be marked as selected as well. The opposite is true as well, deselecting item from a nested level will invoke deselecting of its parent item in case it is previously selected.

However, for the recursive selection to work and all items' state to be updated properly, a postback is required. Thus if client-side selection is enabled, it is automatically turned off. Also when items are selected/deselected, an implicit rebind is invoked for the RadTreeList control.

To deselect all items, you can call the ClearSelectedItems() method of theRadTreeList. As a result all selected items will be deselected, be they on the current page or not, visible or not.

Note that, if you want to traverse the RadTreeList items in a foreach loop and change their selected state in the loop while recursive selection is enabled, you need to rebind the RadTreeList first.

When recursive selection is enabled (AllowRecursiveSelection="true"), client selection is disabled and selection is done on the server with a .Rebind(). This can result in loss of user input because of the rebind operation, so you may want to implement the recursive selection on the client as shown in the following code library sample Recursive selection on the client when paging is disabled.

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