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TreeListButtonColumn Confirm Dialog

The native button column of RadTreeList allows for the display of a confirmation dialog before the column command is fired.

Confirm Message

The confirmation message is set through the ConfirmText property of the button column. Going a bit further you can customize the message including in it information from various fields present in the data the tree list is bound to. The fields which values should go into the confirmation message are defined in the ConfirmTextFields property that accepts a string array. Then you should set the ConfirmTextFormatString where each placeholder will correspond to a field in the ConfirmTextFields on a ascending-ordered sequence basis. For example, if you have an edit button column with ConfirmTextFields = “BookID, Title” and ConfirmTextFormatString = “Edit information for book with ID = {0}, titled {1}?” and there comes a BookID = 1 and Title = “Mount Athos” for the first record, you will get a confirmation dialog of “Edit information for book with ID = 1, titled Mount Athos?”

Confirmation Dialog Type

The confirmation dialog can be either a classic alert window or a RadWindow control. This preference is indicated through the ConfirmDialogType property. If the RadWindow type is chosen, there must be a RadWindowManager added to the page otherwise the column will resort to using the default classic confirmation window.

Confirmation Dialog Customization

In addition, if you choose to use the RadWindow confirmation dialog you can additionally customize it by setting its height and width through the ConfirmDialogHeight and ConfirmDialogWidth properties respectively and assign a window title using the ConfirmTitle property.

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