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FIrst Steps with RadToolTipManager

The following tutorial demonstrates how RadToolTipManager is used to provide a common look and feel for multiple elements. See RadToolTipManager Overview for more more uses of this control.

In a ne1. w AJAX-Enabled Web Application, add two TextBox controls and one Button from the Standard tab to the default web page.

  1. In the first textbox, set the ToolTip property to "Enter your valid login name".

  2. In the second textbox, set the ToolTip property to "Enter a valid password".

  3. Set the Button Text property to "Login" and the ToolTip property to "Click this button to login to the system".

  4. Add a RadToolTipManager control to the page and set AutoTooltipify="true".

  5. Set the Skin property to Office2007.

  6. Press F5 to run the application. Run the mouse over the textboxes and button to activate the tooltips. You will notice that the tooltips have the Office2007 style and that the contents for the tooltips are automatically picked up from the standard ToolTip property.

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